Animals in all colours of the rainbow

Animals are my favourite motif. Franz Marc‘s work in this area was my initial inspiration although I never followed his very specific ideas on the meanings of colour (e.g. blue indicates masculinity, yellow stands for femininity and joy, and red suggests violence). That said,  I do love colour and I don’t  feel the need to stay faithful to my subject’s original palette. Why not have a green seagull for a change? Or if it suits the colour scheme of the room better, an orange/red impala with purple horns?

2 thoughts on “Animals in all colours of the rainbow

  1. A beautiful Marc Inspired collection of paintings. I love how you have modernised the colours and the themes focusing on some of the important issues relating to animals and climate change today. I myself am greatly inspired by Marc and personally I find his bold colours key to creating my own palettes.


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