Buffalos – uniquely black

At first glance they all look alike, but then, when you look closer you realize that every single animal has its very unique personality, either expressed through posture, facial features, body shape, behavior or fancy headgear.

Striking Patterns

I love to take pictures of giraffes and zebras when they are standing in some kind of formation (this includes reflections!). Of course,¬†if they form silhouettes against beautiful backgrounds I don’t mind either. ūüôā


Impalas, kudus, klipspringers, nyalas, wildebeest, oryxs, steenboks, waterbucks … alone or in large groups – they are always worth a shot!


Black and white rhinos, elephants and hippos: they are truly magnificent creatures,¬†though quite¬†a challenge to ban on film as the composition can easily¬†get boring and static. Oftentimes, they may also look¬†“classier” (more artsy?) ¬†in black and white. This said, I hope you enjoy this selection of coloured pictures as well. My personal favourite: the “turning hippos” (Ngorongoro Crater).

General game taking the limelight (2015)


These are pictures I have taken at Lake Manyara, the Ngorongoro Crater, the Serengeti (all Tanzania) and Phinda (South Africa) earlier this year. The shots are as much about the beautiful animals as they are about the overall mood prevailing during those precious moments. Enjoy!