Pink Briar

It is now almost 4 years ago that I did my last flower painting. Hard to believe … but time really flies. Finally, last week, I had both the time and found myself motivated enough to embark on a new flower project. The motive? A rose. The color scheme? Pink. The reference? A photograph of one particularly gorgeous specimen growing right in front of our house. The original rose has actually a dark red/burgundy type of hue … but since the painting will hang in my daughter Bella’s “pink-themed” bedroom, I changed that to make it match. In the end, I used two main colors – a medium magenta and a dark carmine red – to bring to life the intricate shapes of the petals. The generous use of black in combination with a few white highlights support the illusion of 3-dimensionality I was after.


Pink Briar
PINK BRIAR, 2017, Acrylic on Canvas, 40×40″


I can happily report that Bella is looking forward to hanging it in her room. A friend of mine actually commented,

Lucky Bella, there is so much of her in there and I believe she will feel your love because that is what I see.  She is in there, all her beauty and softness.

What a lovely comment … (thanks, Sandra!) 🙂

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