Graphic Design: School

As a member of and PR officer for the GMA (GSIS Music Ambassadors), it is my honour to present you with the fruits of my torture: a number of posters for school events. Exciting! A disclaimer: though I do take credit for having done the bulk of work, I have a number of excellent mentors (cheers, school PR department!) and friends who gave me advice and suggestions as to how to improve the designs.

First, the drafts: my brief for the Christmas Gala Concert was something along the lines of “it should be impressive! Minimalist! Mature! Inspiring!” Hm. Baubles and aesthetic, here we come. For the Spring Concert, I was told to use a guitar graphic that has come to be used as a sort of second logo for the GMA.

The first was too minimalist, the second not minimalist enough (I sound like I’m complaining but really I’m not – making these posters is really fun! I’m getting closer to striking the balance first time. Someday…)

Though I’m in all honesty a novice when it comes to graphic design, I hope to learn and improve as best I can.

The last thing I did for the school robotics team before walking out the door was designing a logo. Our company is called RECCD, and well, there’s the design brief, right in the name. I hoped to to represent the electronics and mechanics involved (circuitboard-esque stylised wave, hexagon representing a nut), as well as the aspirations of the team to create a reliable ROV (remote operated vehicle). Perhaps I even succeeded!


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