Just kidding, it’s a kingfisher. 40″ by 40″ (a good meter squared), acrylic.

FullSizeRender 10

I started work on Phoenix (which at that time was under the working title of Heledir, or literally “kingfisher” in Tolkien’s Sindarin language) last summer — it was the first time anyone had trusted me with a canvas as big as this, and I spent hours thinking about what exactly I would paint. In the end, I settled for this: a kingfisher soaring out of water, the kingfisher being my father’s favourite bird, and this being intended as a present for his 50th birthday.

As it turned out, I was not finished in time for his 50th. But I did make his 51st!

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I failed to take progress pictures last year, so they start from this year. It took quite literally weeks to finish it off, during which time I churned through three different audiobooks and at the end of which I was positively sick of bubbles of water. Anyhow, it’s done! Finally! And I have a new signature, which I think I’ll stick with (:

2 thoughts on “Phoenix

  1. Was this painting done in your spare time or was it for an assignment? Because how do you find so much time to work on this piece?


    • Spare time for sure! Like, seven weeks of spare time over the course of two summers. I could never have done it during schooltime 😉 (though actually… I’ve managed to knit two jumpers, so maybe a painting is possible too!)


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