Enchanted Forest

170425_Enchanted Forest

I… don’t like doing environment sketches. At all. Mostly because I’m really not very good at them.

So in order to challenge myself, I did an environment sketch (thank you so much Deanna for the inspiration!)

5 thoughts on “Enchanted Forest

    • Wacom Intuos Pro 🙂 As for learning digital techniques, a couple of sacrifices to the art gods ought to do (jk — a lot of it’s trial and error, but also referencing other artists’ methods and attempting to learn from them!)


  1. Wow….I frankly can not believe the statement that you are not good at environmental sketches. Frankly I don’t think there is anything you are bad at 🙂


  2. Wow Wow Wow it is amazing😊😊😊
    Looking at it is how I felt in the mangroves like it was another world!!! I keep looking at it and thinking of all the special things that happens while kayaking there. It makes me want to write a children’s book!! And that is a thought that has never crossed my mind. You are very inspiring🌻🌻🌻Thank you💖


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